Airflo GT Ridge WF 12


Model: Airflo GT Ridge / 12 weight WF
Colour: Tan / Light Blue
Density: Floating / Intermediate
Length: 100 ft
Core Braid: 50lbs
Loop: Welded
Optimum Temp: 20-38 degrees

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Product Description

When Airflo were first asked to develop this line, they asked themselves why anyone would need a 50lb test core in a fly line, their testers in the Seychelles said they just did. The ‘hit and hold’ style of GT fishing on the edge of a coral reef is fast and furious, putting a fly line under extreme pressure as you try to stop these ‘bad boys’ of the salt trying to disappear with your fly line. Ridge GT came through the test without any issues proving the strength of our welded loops beyond any doubt.

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Floating, Intermediate